GWS Tactical Land Strike Force debuts!
10/27/2016 12:53:02 AM - The Gotham Wind Symphony's new "small band" "GWS Tactical Land Strike Force" will make their debut at Tea Lounge in Brooklyn on Saturday, Oct. 16 2010 at 9PM (no cover), playing the music of jazz trumpeter/composer John Carisi.

The GWSTLSF is not a fixed size or instrumentation, but is markedly smaller than the GWS's regular 45-50 musicians. This allows for performances in smaller venues, and for the different types of audiences one might encounter at those venues.

John Carisi is an important yet often overlooked jazz composer who Gunther Schuller ranks as one of the first to successfully integrate through-composed motivic development composition to the feeling of jazz. The GWSTLSF will play Carisi classics like Israel, Angkor Wat, Moon Taj, and Barry's Tune, as well as rare gems like Sax Quartet #1, Profiles, Lestorian Mode and Ballade.
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I just enjoyed listening to your recordings. What a wonderful ensemble! And I liked the arrangements, especially "Lullaby" and "Children's Prayer". And "This Old Man" was very clever.

-- Michael Colgrass
“I liked it very much- it’s a wonderful collection of pieces that offer a glimpse into a repertoire that should be embraced by everyone in the wind band/ensemble community. Congratulations to you and the players for playing, recording and bringing it “to the fore”. I found all the pieces interesting but especially enjoyed Scott Robinson’s “Eventuations”. Continue to kick ass.”

-- Frank Battisti- Conductor Emeritus, New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble
“The new CD is just terrific! The Thad Jones piece I enjoyed hugely. What is incredible is all of the slow music; full of sentiment without getting sentimental like so much wind music.”

-- Tim Reynish-Conductor Emeritus, Royal Northern College at Oxford Wind Ensemble
"There's a lot of dissonance in 'Eventuations'...being more Third Stream expressionism. Thad Jones' 'Northwest Suite' is more Third Stream impressionism, as is James Chirillo's rhapsodic 'Prelude (To A Minor Insensitivity)'. Mike Holober's four-movement 'Road Trip' is symphonic jazz. It includes impressive call-and-response episodes between soloist Dave Pietro's alto sax and the entire orchestra.

-- All About Jazz
“I consider it to be successful in combining the two idioms of jazz and concert band into one coherent whole; genuinely an expanded jazz orchestra. ….a particularly entertaining call and response between soloist Dave Pietro and the band ..his initially straightforward phrases get ever more elaborate. Hearing the whole band (right down to tubas) attempt to repeat back his wild glissandi and squeals is quite something!...An interesting enterprise that may inspire others to investigate further ways that the two genres might meet.”

-- Stuart Longley, BASBWE Winds Magazine
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GWS Tactical Land Strike Force debuts!
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